Guess How Much I Love You!

 Come Into My Lair's First Video Storybook! In this video we read the book Guess How Much I Love You written by Sam McBratney and illustrated by Anita Jeram. Our loyal friends, Harbor Seal, Peacock, Uncle Whiskers and Grandaughter Whiskers join Grandpa Whiskers as he reads Guess How Much I Love You aloud. 

The Tiny Trilogy Part One

I have been working with my drone and exploring and recently decided to make a short film. We'll not's tiny..... The Tiny Trilogy. I decided that since it seems to tell a story to make 2 more videos while allowing the audience to help me make decisions. Thanks for watching! Opinions welcome!

The Tiny Trilogy Part II

 Here is the final product from a few days of shooting in NY and scouting locations, using the drone and premiere. This video represents my exploration of putting it all together and experimenting with things all while learning! Comments are appreciated!


Drone Blooper Reel 1

So I received my drone for Christmas 2018 and I am hooked. I have been taking it everywhere! Along the way I have collected some fun stuff from the aerial perspective. I decided to gather the clips. Stay tuned, in the next video you'll see my first and second crash!!

Derek's Arizona

Some good friends of ours as well as fellow filmakers and I decided to collaborate and enter a one minute video contest about the state we live in. We came up with this silly one minute film. It was a lot of fun to make and a good experience in editing since it was such a short film.  Hope you have a good laugh my husband is a natural in his trucker hat and mullet!