Photographic Artist

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Jessica's Background

I've loved photography and videography ever since my grandfather, a lithographer, put my first camera into my eager hands. I immediately began to document everything around me that caught my attention. My camera became a tool that allowed me to see the world around me differently and empowered me to share my artistic vision. After high school I received a degree in art and upon graduation I started my own photography business. Along the way I have met so many interesting people and seen so many fascinating places. Ultimately, I have found that the process of filming people is a form of intimate communication like no other.

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Photography as Communication

I have always used my camera to share my vision. My camera has also allowed me to see things differently than only through the eye. I have met so many interesting people. The camera is also a way of communication that brings people together like no other. 


Tara's background

"For as long as I can remember I have had an eye for beauty. I am inspired by so many things: nature, art, music, history and architecture are among my passions. My personal imperative during a photo shoot is to discover the sometimes hidden and unexpected beauty in a person or place. There is beauty everywhere if you just look for it..."

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